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Hot White Heist 2

Dir by Adam Goldman


Coming soon to all streaming platforms!

Hot on the heels of Hot White Heist’s critically acclaimed first season, Judy Fink and his team of amateur heist experts are back–and they’re in bigger trouble than ever.


Dallin Burns, a maestro in the realm of sonic storytelling, joins an extraordinary team of creators, bringing his unparalleled talent to the forefront. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for pushing boundaries, Burns has crafted a score that seamlessly blends the quirky retro synths of yesteryear with the grandeur of the Hollywood Orchestra.

In this latest installment, Burns takes us on a cinematic journey through the captivating realm of espionage, paying homage to the iconic spy movies that have captured our imaginations for decades. Yet, amidst the nods to the classics, Burns infuses each composition with his own distinctive flair, ensuring that every note resonates with a sense of intrigue, excitement, and adventure.

About the Podcast:

"Hot White Heist was created, written and directed by Adam Goldman, who also produces the project in collaboration with Alan Cumming. The first season of the podcast was notable for featuring an all-queer cast, including Bowen Yang, Cynthia Nixon, Jane Lynch, Shannon Woodward, Abbi Jacobson, Bianca Del Rio, Stephanie Beatriz, Katya Zamolodchikova, Cheyenne Jackson, and Tony Kushner, who have also all returned for season 2. Raúl Esparza, Sara Ramírez, Joel Kim Booster, Ian McKellen, Jane Krakowski, Trixie Mattel, Yvie Oddly, Sarah Steele and Jesse James Keitel have been added to the cast for season 2." Forbes Magazine


Dir by Greyson Horst

Coming soon to all streaming platforms!

"Throuple" is a poignant exploration of love, friendship, and self-discovery. Directed by Greyson Horst, this film follows the journey of a lonely gay singer-songwriter as he navigates the complexities of relationships and the longing for connection. Amidst his search for fulfillment, he finds solace and unexpected love in a tender romance with an honest and communicative married couple. However, as he delves deeper into this unconventional relationship, he grapples with the fear of losing his best friend to her devoted boyfriend, further complicating his emotional landscape.

Composer Dallin Burns created the mesmerizing electronic score that serves as the soulful heartbeat of "Throuple." Burns' music intricately follows the ebb and flow of the characters' emotions, from moments of vulnerability and longing to those of joy and passion. Every note resonates with profound authenticity, drawing viewers deeper into the intimate journey of the protagonists. As the story unfolds.

Burns' score becomes a guiding force, mirroring the protagonist's inner turmoil and growth with haunting beauty and depth.

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