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ASCAP Vic Mizzy Scholarship

The Mizzy Jonas Family Foundation has established The ASCAP Foundation Vic Mizzy Scholarship which honors the veteran film & TV composer-lyricist who created the beloved TV theme songs for The Addams Family and Green Acres, among many other musical achievements. Vic Mizzy was a proud and lifelong member of ASCAP, joining the organization in 1938. The scholarship assists a deserving graduate student in the Scoring for Film & Multimedia 

Kaleidoscope of a Feminesto

Award Winning: Best Musical
Semi-Finalist: Film Score

We did not want a dainty score. We wanted something large and intricate. There are four dancers, and four melody carriers; Cello, piano, French Horn, Flute. With these melody carying instruments I created a constant interweaving and flowing piece that took the performers' motions and added depth, emotion, and character to their already complex performance. Listen, and try to feel how each part interacts.