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Dallin Burns

Film Composer

Dallin Burns is a Puerto Rican-American film composer known for his ability to create beautifully complex scores that combine modern scoring practices and classic techniques.

As a proud member of the LGBT community Dallin understands the importance of accurate representation and truth in both film and music.

Dallin's notable works span comedy and action-adventure genres, including projects such as Hot White Heist 2 by Adam Goldman, and the indie romance Throuple directed by Greyson Horst.


He has also collaborated with Tom Holkenborg on blockbuster films like Rebel Moon: Part 1 and 2, Sonic 2, Three Thousand Years of Longing, and Zack Snyder's Justice League.


With a diverse portfolio and a commitment to quality, Dallin Burns continues to make his mark on the world of film composition."

Whats My Style

Dallin Burns has created a sound that marries the timeless appeal of orchestral music with the power and allure of electronic sound design and synths. In a cinematic landscape dominated by the electronic, Dallin's approach focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of the orchestra rather than overshadowing it.


His primary goal as a composer is straightforward: to foster an emotional connection between the audience and the film's story. For Dallin, the narrative always takes precedence, and his score serves as a sonic support system for the film's message. By prioritizing this philosophy, Dallin ensures that his music becomes an integral part of the cinematic experience, enriching the storytelling with its subtle nuances and evocative melodies.

Dallin's dedication to the art of storytelling shines through in his work. He recognizes that the true essence of music in film lies in its ability to evoke genuine emotion and deepen the audience's engagement with the narrative.

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Why We Should Collaborate

Dallin Burns extends his warmth beyond the realm of music, embracing everyone he encounters as a friend. His passion for fostering genuine connections is evident in his approach to building professional relationships that blossom into lifelong friendships.

Through countless collaborations, Dallin understands that success in this industry hinges on collaboration. Working alongside directors who share his fervor for their craft fuels Dallin's drive to excel in his own. He firmly believes that composing for film is a collaborative endeavor, a symbiotic relationship between director and composer where each party's passion and vision enhance the final product.

Working together we can create incredible films, we can become incredible friends, we can help people experience art in new and incredible ways.

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